Vacation Rental Management Filing System


Reservation Files

£    31 file folders labeled 1 to 31.

£    12 hanging files labeled January to December.


As you book reservations place a copy of each reservation in the appropriate month based on their arrival.  As reservations are changed print a new copy and staple it on top of the original(s).  As each new month begins take the confirmations for that months arrivals and place them into their corresponding numbered folders for each day of the month.  Now each day of the month you have the copies of the confirmations for the arrivals at your fingertips.



Payments Received Records Folder

£    12 hanging files labeled January to December


For Daily Cash Drawer, Credit Card batch, Bank Deposit Detail and Balance Sheet Reports.



Rental Unit Folders

£    1 hanging file for each rental unit

£    3 file folders for each rental unit’s hanging folder


File #1 is for information about the rental unit.  i.e. The rental contract between you and  the owner, any warranty information, owner manuals, or any other documents that you may acquire that have to do with the unit other than financial documentation. 


File #2 is for monthly financials, including copies of each reservation that checks out of the unit, any invoices paid on behalf of the owner, work orders, etc.


File #3 is the annual file for each unit.  It contains the documents from File #2 as each month is closed out, owner statements generated and checks printed; bundle the documents from file #2 with a copy of the final owner statement and bind them together.  File #2 is now empty and ready to begin the new month.



Vendor Payables Folders

£    1 hanging file for each vendor

£    3 file folders for each vendor’s hanging folder


Vendors will need their own file.  This file will hold copies of the detail payables statement for each time the vendor was paid.


Working File #1 - Bills to Enter

1 File for new bills received that needs to be billed to the owner accounts.  Once bills are entered mark or stamp then as entered and move to Bills to pay file.


Working File #2 - Bills to Pay

1 File.  Once a week pay your vendor payables in the bills to pay folder.


Working File #3 - Bills Paid

1 File.  Holds the bills that have been paid and need to be filed in the Rental Unit Monthly Folders.


Lodging Taxes Folders

£    1 folder for each tax authority you will be paying. 


Each month as you pay your lodging taxes file the detail reports for what you paid to each authority in its appropriate folder.



Bank Statements and Reconciliation reports Folder.

£    1 hanging file for each account. 


Each month reconcile your Bank Ledgers with your actual bank statements from the bank.  When you have successfully reconciled TCS will print a reconciliation report show the reconciled bank balance and adjust for outstanding checks and deposits to give you an adjusted bank balance.


Notice there aren’t any owners’ files listed.  These are not necessary.  Also, you want to be careful to keep escrow files separate from your operating account and regular office papers.


Vacation Rental Management Filing System